Resource Consents

Resource Consents

civil engineerThrough a thorough resource consent process and the introduction of the Resource Management Act (RMA) New Zealand has greatly improved the quality of construction and its effects on the local environment.

The need for compliance with the RMA is essential. All national, regional and local bodies have their own resource consent requirements. Ashby Consulting Engineering have the experience to guide you through this complex process as painlessly and as quickly as possible.

From your  resource consent application submission through to the completion and sign off of your project, we will  work closely with you, your construction company, local planners and surveyors to ensure that you always get the best advice and clearest direction.

Our services include:

    • Resource Consents
    • Stream and River Work Consents
    • Stormwater Consents
    • Wastewater Consents
    • Coastal Permits
    • Earthwork Consents
    • Assessment of Environmental Effects

Talk to Ashby Consulting Engineers about your requirements. Phone us now on 03 383 0514 or send us an email about your resource consent requirements.