Roads, Engineering & Driveways

Roads, Traffic Engineering & Driveways

Driveway engineerRoad design and traffic engineering is about the study and design of roads and traffic how they impact  on our everyday lives. Traffic engineering focuses on the infrastructure and systems that allow for the movement of people and goods efficiently, safely and sustainably. Good engineering and road design can ensure the smooth flow of traffic and make roads safer for all users.

Ashby Consulting Engineering have the experience to provide everything from advice for your new home or business driveway to designing your subdivision with a complete roading network.

Ashby Consulting Engineering can help you navigate your way from the concept to the planning stages through to providing the construction drawings. This process enables us to give you the best possible and most cost effective engineering solution for your project, whatever the size.

Our services include:

    • Entranceways and Driveway Designs
    • Traffic Studies
    • Pavement Design, Reconstruction and Rehabilitation
    • 3D Geometric Design and Terrain Modeling
    • Subdivision and Road Design
    • Car Parks and Service Lanes
    • Geometric Design
    • Shaping the Road for Comfort & Safety
    • Intersections
    • Shared Access Ways and Right of Ways
    • Slip Repairs and Road Stabilization
    • Road Widening
    • Project Management
    • Construction Supervision
    • Bridges

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