Stormwater Management

Managing Stormwater

water treatment processManaging stormwater is about maintaining the quality of rainfall from the moment it hits the ground to the point where it enters the oceans. In today’s improved clean, green environment New Zealand’s traditional systems of sumps and pipes discharging to the local stream are no longer acceptable.

Ashby Consulting Engineering has the skills and experience to be able to offer everything from simple advice through to detailed stormwater management and design services. They can advise on everything from the collection of your roof water through to the effects of stormwater on the river on your property.

Our services include:

    • Stormwater reticulation assessment and design
    • Stormwater catchment analysis
    • Pollution prevention planning
    • Flood level analysis
    • Stormwater management plans
    • 3D pipeline network modeling
    • Hydrological analysis and design
    • Stormwater neutrality design
    • Stormwater quality and treatment
    • Stormwater attenuation through infiltration, tanks or ponds
    • Environmental engineering
    • Subdivision infrastructure design (collection network)
    • Culverts and outfalls
    • Bridges

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