Subdivision of Land

Making a Subdivision

structural engineerA subdivision is the division of land into pieces that are easier to sell or otherwise develop. Every time land is subdivided, whether in two or two hundred new parcels of land, detailed information is required on land access, building sites, geotechnical stability and the new infrastructure such as stormwater management, water and sewerage removal and roads. In some cases even the assessment of the existing infrastructure is also required.

As engineers, Ashby Consulting Engineering can provide you with advice and help you throughout the entire subdivision process, providing the engineering design and investigation as required. Ashby Consulting Engineering can also manage your whole project for you reducing costs, time and stress.

Our services include:

    • Roads, driveways and access design
    • Earthworks and sediment controls
    • Stormwater mangement
    • Sewerage disposal systems
    • 3D Subdivision modeling linking your project
    • Water Supply
    • Existing infrastructure assessments and upgrades
    • Pump stations

Contact Ashby Consulting Engineers to discover more about your subdivision and how we can help.  Phone us now on 03 383 0514 or send us an email about your subdivision questions.