Residential, Commercial and Recreational Construction

Ashby Consulting Engineering are specialists in the many different facets of construction. Whether it be residential, commercial or recreational construction, many of the same engineering principles are used, but are adjusted to scale.

structural engineers christchurchAshby Consulting Engineering construction services include:

  • Timber Design and Construction
    Often there will be parts of a structure that come under “non specific design codes”. Ashby Consulting Engineering can assist when your building project falls outside the scope of the regular building codes or when specific design is required. This may happen when building in extreme conditions such as high wind zones. Ashby Consulting Engineering provide specialist advice and design work for architects and architectural designers. They assist with long span beams, lintels and tall posts designs or work on other sub-parts of the building structure the architects and architectural designers are designing.
  • Reinforced Masonry Design
    Reinforced masonry design is a structural design alternative either for a complete building or for  individual components of a building. Reinforced masonry can be used for feature panels of honed stack bonded reinforced masonry, a portal frame or a garage door lintel. Ashby Consulting Engineering would be pleased to discuss these options with you.
  • Structural Steel Design
    Steel Design can be integrated into the main structural system in light timber framed construction in both residential and domestic construction. Ashby Consulting Engineering specialise in the design of steel beams, columns, wind girts or steel bracing portal frames when conventional building wall bracing can’t be used.
  • Pole Platform Design
    Building on steeper sections can be challenging and a timber pole platform is a cost effective way of constructing a dwelling up to floor level. Ashby Consulting Engineering can assist with geo-technical recommendations and the design of bearers, poles, foundations and sub-floor bracing on your project.
  • Reinforced Concrete Design
    Reinforced concrete design can range from the basic ground beams used for bridging pipe work through to the more complex design of water tanks, suspended floors or tilt slab construction. Ashby Consulting Engineering have the expertise to design and advise on the right solution for you.
  • Design of Footings on Soft Ground
    Christchurch soils can be very variable as the earthquakes have shown us, Ashby Consulting Engineering can provide site specific design to meet your TC1, TC2 or TC3 foundation requirements which will make your house more resilient to future liquefaction. Our foundation designs include waffle slabs, driven timber piles and specialist designs which can be designed specifically for your circumstances.
  • Site Wind Speed Assessments
    Living with a view is a pleasure enjoyed by many people in the Port Hills. However, the trade off can be exposure to high winds. Some building sites in the district have “Design Site Wind Speeds” in excess of 50 metres per second or 180km per hour. Winds of these speeds can cause significant damage.The wind speed limit for most Non-Specific Design codes, NZS3604, is 50m/s. A wind site speed assessment will identify site specific needs prior to beginning works. Wind speed needs to be taken into account in the construction process and,  if necessary, specific design elements incorporated. Building in an extreme wind zone will probably mean that the dwelling wall and roof framing will require specific design features.
  • Wall Bracing Design and Sub Floor Bracing Design
    Walls and floors need to be protected against wind and earthquake forces. Ashby Consulting Engineering can supply the design calculations required by local councils for both wall bracing and sub-floor bracing. These bracing calculations ensure a building has the necessary bracing capacity to resist the forces that can potentially act on it.
  •  Construction Observation and Producer Statements
    Local councils require that designers certify certain aspects of their designs through construction observation and the issuing of a producer statement. This involves a visit to the site during construction by a building inspector to check the structure has been built according to the specified design and that the assumptions made in the design are correct. Ashby Consulting Engineering provide construction observation and producer statements for their own designs as well as for design engineers outside the Canterbury area. This service results in cost savings for clients.

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